Eye Examinations:

We offer appointments of differing types depending on age and needs.

  • Children under 7 may be recommended to have drops to help aid the checking of their prescription. We can do this on the same day and needs 30 minutes to take effect, and causes near focus blurring for between 8-24 hours. They will be able to see far relatively normally but may be light sensitive. It’s a good idea to bring some sunglasses to help any light sensitivity they might feel.
  • Adults over 60 are offered dilation. This means they will not be allowed to drive for between 4-6 hours or operate heavy machinery after the check-up. They will be light sensitive for this time and it’s definitely worth bringing sunglasses for the appointment.
  • For all those that fall in between these ages, you will be offered a standard eye examination, which means we will listen to what problems you are experiencing and investigating and helping to remediate it.

These are standard checks that all optometrists are required to do under the NHS eye examination and if the optometrists feels appropriate. If you are concerned about any aspect of the eye check, feel free to speak to the optometrist at the start or during the examination. If you feel you need a longer appointment time for anything, feel free to ask when making it.